Character Collaborative Members


College Admission

Drew University (NJ)

Bucknell University (NY)

Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

Emory University (GA)

Pomona College (CA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Santa Clara University (CA)

Swarthmore College (PA)

University of Denver (CO)

University of Notre Dame (IN)

University of Rochester (NY)

University of Chicago (ILL)

Lafayette College (PA)

University of Washington — Bothell (WA)

University of Oregon (OR)

University of Chicago (ILL)

University of Arizona (AR)

Amherst College (MA)

Georgia Tech (MA)

St. Olaf College (MN)

Bowdoin College ME)

Rutgers University (NJ)


Catlin Gable School (OR)

Sun Valley Community School (ID)

Escola SESC de Medio (Brazil)

Hun School (NJ)

Lakeside School (WA)

Midland School (CA)

Phillips Andover Academy (MA)

Riverdale Country School (NY)

Suffield Academy (CT)

The Bishop’s School (CA)

The Derryfield School (NH)

The Masters School (NY)

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional School District (NJ)

Leaf Academy (Slovakia)

The Stony Brook School (NY)

Rumsey Hall School (CT)

Dunn School (CA)

Miss Porter’s School (CT)

Catholic Memorial School (MA)

St. Mark’s School (MA)

One Stone (ID)

Oldfields School (MD)

Browning School (NY)

Reform Projects

Test Optional Project (ME)

Character Lab/UPenn (PA)

Making Caring Common – Harvard Graduate School of Education (MA)

Coalition on Access, Affordability and Success

Social Assurity (NY)

Master Transcript Consortium


Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice

Farrell Day

Educational Associations and Organizations


Enrollment Management Association (NJ)



National Partnership for Educational Access (MA)

ACT (Iowa)

College Board (NY)

Educational Testing Service (NJ)


Carolyn Kilgus

Bags Brokaw

Shirley Levin

Suzanne Luse

Tom Faxon

Nancy Cadwallader

Yvonne Sudarshan

Grace Mulliken

Laura Gatzionis

Donna Volpitta

Marilyn Emerson

Nancy Griesemer

Janetta Lien

Emily Snyder

QiMei Pan

Carmen Tercella

Marilyn O’Toole

Lee Chen

Betsy Woolf

Carolyn Mulligan

Ann Rossbach

Anne Sullivan

Joan Koven

Jeana Kawamura

Arun Ponnusamy

Steve Antonoff

Peter Ross

Erin Quinn

Dan Sullivan

Other Memberships

Sarah McGinty, author