Committees of the Character Collaborative

(1) Character-Oriented Professional Development

(Create an Institute “service” to educate and train admission professionals/offices to employ character attributes in the selection process)

Chair, Sam Rikoon, ETS; Ray Diffley, AISAP; Greg Edelman, Carnegie Mellon University; Lizzie Ormiston, educational consultant; Kim Cooper, The Bishop’s School; Sally McGinty, author/consultant; Jeana Kawamura, independent consultant

(2) Character-Based Assessment Instruments

(Explore and refine the potential role of character-based instruments in testing and admission practice)

Chair, Tom Bear, University of Notre Dame; Keith Wright, Enrollment Management Association; Meghan Brenneman, Enrollment Management Association; Jill Thompson, Phillips Andover Academy; Cristina Anguiano-Carrasco, ACT; Jeremy Burrus, ACT; Jason Way, ACT; Fran Ryan, Rumsey Hall School; Natacha Boechat, Escola SESC; Jenna King, Riverdale Country School; Booth Kyle, Lakeside School; Bags Brokaw, independent consultant;

(3) Character-Based Rubrics

(Develop and employ character-based rubrics in the admission process)

Chair, Bill Conley, Bucknell University; Jonathan Burdick, University of Rochester; Todd Rinehart, University of Denver; Shirley Levin, independent consultant; Brennan Barnard, The Derryfield School; Jamie Finch, Social Assurity; Lynda Cummings, Midland School; Chad Carlson, One Stone; Mike Schell, Catholic Memorial School

(4) Admission Decision Process

(Develop a decision process or logic that includes character strengths in admission)

Chair, Stu Schmill, MIT; Ann Selvitelli, Suffield Academy; Steve Bristol, The Hun School; Tim Weir, Dunn School; Jim Bock, Swarthmore College; Mark Sklarow, IECA; A.J. Jezierski, The Bishop’s School; Betsy Woolf, independent consultant; Lisa Fisher, One Stone; Marilyn Emerson, independent consultant; Fran Swift; Rumson-Fair Haven School District; Liz Tyng, Dunn School; Royce Mussman, Sun Valley Community School; Cate Zolkos, Amherst College; JT Duck, Swarthmore College; Amy Rogers, Miss Porter’s School; Debra Wilson, NAIS; Christine Loo, The Stony Brook School; Paul Crawford; University of Oregon

(5) Access and Equity 

(Seek partnerships and collaborations with other organizations for the purpose of exploring how the elevation of character attributes in admission can advance access and equity in American education)

Chair, Jonathan Martin, ACT; Trisha Anderson, Turning The Tide; Janice Crampton, AISAP; Debra Wilson, NAIS; David Holmes, Character Collaborative; Bob Massa, Drew University; Heather Hoerle, Enrollment Management Association; Kasey Urquidez, University of Arizona; Jimmy Wynn, Mastery Transcript Consortium; Jim Rawlins, University of Oregon; Yaneth Belo, University of Chicago; Jerry Lucido, University of Southern California

(6) Character-Based Materials in the Application Process

(Improve and refine the set of materials submitted by students to colleges)

Co-Chair, Tiffany Fujioka, Lakeside School; Co-Chair, Chauncy Gardner, Sun Valley Community School; Mike Steidel, Carnegie Mellon University; Adam Gimple, The Masters School; Alan Katzman, Social Assurity; Stacy Caldwell, Master Transcript Consortium; Eric Monheim, The St. Mark’s School; Anne Sullivan, LifeStream Digital Innovations; Laura Gatzionis, EduAdvise; Lynda Cummings, Midland School; Nancy Griesemer, independent consultant; Donna Volpitta, Center for Resilient Leadership; Joan Koven, independent consultant; Allison Parker, OnE Stone; Adam Sapp, Pomona College;

(7) Practitioners Guidebook

(Create a hard copy and online resource for Integrating character factors in admission)

Chair, Lee Dieck, The Masters School; Mirella Riley, Notre Dame University; Lee Chen, independent consultant; Carolyn Kilgus, independent consultant; Anne Sullivan, Lifestream Digital Innovation; Bill Ouelette, Catlin Gabel School; Steve Syverson, U of Washington – Bothell; Blythe Butler, Catlin Gabel School; Ann Rossbach, independent consultant; Emily Snyder, independent consultant